Mwanza, capital of the Mwanza region, is Tanzania’s second largest city with a population of about 2 million people. It is located in Northern Tanzania, on the southern shore of Lake Victoria. Rural areas around Mwanza have almost no trained physicians, so surgical training have major impact on health of this impoverished country.

Dr. Mark Hardy with newly certified ESS instructors in Mwanza. Photo © R. Lett

CNIS started teaching the Essential Surgical Skills (ESS) course at the Bugando Medical College in Mwanza in May 2011. Drs. Mark Hardy and Ronald Lett started the program, collaborating with local surgeon Dr. Alphonse Chandika. Dr. Chandika was appointed ESS Patron and his registrar Dr. Vihar Kotecha was appointed ESS Director. The 2011-2012 courses in Mwanza are supports by the Bondi Foundation.

From the first Assistant Medical Officer ESS provider course in Mwanza, February, 2012. Photo © R. Lett

Through the CIDA supported Safer Obstetrics in Rural Tanzania (SORT) project, from the springy of 2012, ESS will be taught to Assistant Medical Officer students in the first year of their two year program at the Bugando Medical College in Mwanza.