From Essential Surgical Skills Providers Course in Butare. Photo © R. Lett

Butare is a city in the Southern Province of Rwanda. It is also one of the two locations of the National University of Rwanda.

CNIS introduced Essential Surgical Skills to to the medical school in Butare in January 2008, invited by the Head of Surgery Professor Ignatius Kakande. The introduction to the course was conducted in French and English, while the skills sessions were taught in French.

In February 2009, the medical school in Butare represented Rwanda as they attended the 7th African Canadian Committee for Essential Surgical Skills (ACC-ESS) meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Butare ESS
Dr. Patrick Kyamanywa
Butare ESS Patron Dr. Patrick Kyamanywa
Dr. Georges Ntakiyiruta
Butare ESS Patron Dr. Ntakiyiruta Georges