(Perioperative Nurses)

THE PURPOSE – Building on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Safe Surgery Saves Lives initiative, this CNIS course introduces, reviews, and reinforces the idea of a culture of safety, which the perioperative nurse participants can achieve within the operating rooms, while gathering information about local perioperative practice problems, and identifying potential leaders for future educational initiatives.

The value and importance of safe practices for both patients and personnel is emphasized. Using the WHO SSSL Checklist, universal patient safety issues, which can be addressed at the time of surgery, are recognized and the ways in which these principles can be applied in any setting are identified.

The SSSL Nursing Course is designed to address the universal need to practice safe surgery and provide safe patient care. CNIS recognizes that this multifaceted issue requires cooperation and partnership with all members of the perioperative team, in which the nurse plays an integral role.

THE SKILLS – The following will be taught:

  • Surgical safety checklist,
  • Preventing hospital-acquired infections,
  • Before induction,
  • Anesthesia safety assessment,
  • Before incision,
  • Surgical scrub/gown/glove technique,
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis,
  • Before transfer from Operating Room.