(Medical Students, Assistant Medical Officers)

THE PURPOSE– The purpose of the Essential Surgical Skills course is to put into the hands of primary care providers working in low-income regions a standard set of life saving surgical skills for emergencies that such clinicians face frequently.

It is common in low-income regions to have scarce or a complete absence of certified surgeons. One does not need to be a surgeon to competently carry out lifesaving surgical skills. Non-surgeons can develop the competence and confidence to apply surgical care in order to save lives in circumstances that are common to most communities.

The prime focus of hands-on participation, the use of simulators rather than patients for practicing skills, and constant supervision by trained instructors, enables providers the opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment to hone their skills. It is this approach that has made the course so popular.

THE SKILLS – The following skills will be learned:

  • Standardized protocols – ER – Expert Response: Emergency Room; Evaluate and Respond
  • Life support and anaesthesia,
  • Obstetrics and genitourinary emergencies,
  • Orthopaedics and traumatology.