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Head injury is a common type of trauma throughout the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that some 10 million people annually are affected by traumatic brain injury. This health burden is especially prominent in Low and Middle Income Countries which face a higher preponderance of risk factors for causes of head injury and have less-adequately prepared health systems to address the associated health outcomes. Many deaths and disabilities from Head and C-Spine trauma can be prevented by timely and adequate care by prepared clinicians.

The Course

It is our hope that this course will be instrumental in contributing to the reduction of the global burden of head injury, particularly in low-resource settings, where most of the burden is borne. The Head and C-Spine manual was completed in 2009 by Drs. David Fairholm, Ronald R. Lett and Robert H. Taylor.

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The Facts

The most frequent cause of head of cervical spine trauma is road traffic injury. Other causes include: accidental falls, domestic and social violence, occupational accidents and armed conflict. Fortunately, not all head injury leads to death or even permanent disability but a significant proportion does. The target audience of the course is primarily general doctors, general surgeons and would also be applicable to junior neurosurgical residents.

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