• 13% of deaths in Africa result from interpersonal violence, traffic and other injuries
  • 50% of war-related deaths occur in Africa
  • The number of African children who die from traffic accidents is five times higher than in Europe
  • There are more than 1,200 landmine casualties in Africa every year

How We Work

Our Injury Prevention Initiative collects data on injuries, promotes safety and provides trauma team training, first aid, non-violent conflict resolution and injury epidemiology.

Our Impact

Prior to 1995, Africa lacked injury-prevention initiatives. CNIS and its partners have engaged governments to make injury prevention a priority. The result has been the establishment of  Injury Control Centers in Uganda, ICC-U (1996) and Tanzania, ICC-T (2004). Currently, our Injury Prevention Initiative for Africa (1997) is the world’s only continent-wide injury control network.
We also use education as a tool to reduce injury. Our traffic safety program and non-violent conflict resolution program will reach 20,000 schoolchildren in the next five years.

Current Challenges

  • Working to reduce child injury through monitoring, intervention and courses to achieve safer schools and homes
  • Providing courses in Essential Burn Management and Head & C-Spine Trauma courses to reduce death and disability in vulnerable  populations