Canada / Ethiopia Twinning Project

Every year, CNIS teaches thousands of elementary students in Africa non-violent conflict-resolution through a course called Peace Building for Elementary Schools. In the 2012-2013 school year, eight elementary schools in Axum, Northern Ethiopia will participate. Like last year, we have ‘twinned’ these Ethiopian schools with eight Canadian elementary schools in a fun and free Twinning Project.

CNIS is excited to have schools from British Columbia to New Brunswick participating in the second year of our Twinning Project, starting September 2012. The Canadian schools range from urban to rural, and from east to west. The largest school has 565 students – the smallest has 5! (The latter will be twinned with another school in the same area.) Our twinning teams are Grade-3 to Grade-6, which will be a good match with our Ethiopian twins, who are all Grade 5.

The Twinning Project builds friendships across borders through arts, letter writing, geography projects, and other student-generated ideas. We cannot wait to get started!

Though we have filled all the spots for the upcoming school year, please contact us at if you are interested in participating in the future. You can also call us if you have any questions. (604.739.4708)

For more information, please go to The Twinning Project very own web site!

Meet the 2012-2013 Ethiopian and Canadian schools:

1. Abraha Wehtsbaha Elementary School is twinned with Eagle View Elementary School and Woss Lake Elementary School. Both schools are located on the northern end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Woss has only 5 students in the whole school!
Students in front of Abraha Weatsbaha Primary School Students waving from Eagle View Elementary School
2. Aksum Primary School is twinned with Brighouse Elementary School in Richmond, British Columbia
Students at Aksum Primary School Brighouse Elementary School
3. Bazen Elementary School is twinned with Lord Tennyson Elementary School in Vancouver, British Columbia
Students at the entrance of Complete Primary School Bazen Lord Tennyson Elementary School
4. Ezana Elementary School is is twinned with Brookside Public School in Lucknow, Ontario
Students from Ezana Primary School Brookside Public School
5. Hawelty Elementary School is twinned with Robert W. Zahara Public School in Sexsmith, Alberta
Students outside Hawelty Elementary School
6. Kindeya Elementary School is twinned with Fairvale Elementary School in Rothesay, New Brunswick
Students outside Kindeya Elementary School Fairvale Elementary School
7. Megabit 18 Elementary School is twinned with Steele Street Public School in Port Colborne, Ontario
Students outside Megabit 18 Elementary School
8. Sunshine School is twinned with River Valley School in Calgary, AB, Canada.
Sunshine School River Valley School