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The SALAMA SAFARI is a CNIS Pilot Program where Canadian school children may take part in a “virtual bike safari” around the African continent.

The course follows grade 6/7 curriculum, adding exciting ways to learn about African culture, geography, ecology and global issues.  The Salama (meaning ‘Peace’ in Swahili) Safari will launch its second pilot journey in 2010. CNIS has been getting help from several dedicated volunteers in writing the Salama Safari Student and Teacher’s Manuals. Prescribed learning outcomes, as well as the new directives to give elementary students a minimum 30 minutes of exercise a day will be incorporated into the lesson plans.

Each group joining the Safari will have weekly art and culture assignments, ‘animal of the week’, a lesson from CNIS ‘Peacebuilding for Elementary Schools’ Course (now taught in both Uganda and Ethiopia), as well as a physical component. To get along on the journey and to complete their virtual kilometers, the students will have to move. They can run, skip, wheel chair, bike or play African soccer to get the virtual kilometers required to proceed to the next chapter of the journey. Additional academic and art assignments can be done for bonus kilometers, making all students able to participate.

The first Salama Safari is called the ‘Safari of the Extremes’. The journey takes the students through 8 countries, from Djibouti and the lowest place on Earth to Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain.

The students will be able to follow their team’s progress on our Salama Safari web site (under development). The students will search for ‘per-kilometer’ pledges from parents, neighbors and grandparents, to raise funds. Once the safari is completed, the kilometers will be counted, pledges will be collected. Pledges over $10 will receive a tax receipt. The student group can communally decide whether they will send the funds to Africa to pay for a Peacebuilding Course, a first aid kit for a primary school, counseling for children traumatized by war or other CNIS programs.

The goal of this program is thus multi-faceted. The Salama Safari will present interactive ways for students to learn about different cultures, acquire conflict- resolution skills, develop means of artistic expression, get the kids fit, raise awareness and funds and last but not least, foster global citizens.

CNIS is in need of sponsors to run this unique pilot program, so it eventually can be offered to any school wishing to take part. Please contact for further information.

Salama Safari