The Swahili beginner class gives the introduction to the Swahili language. This class gives the clear basic conversations. At the end of seven modules, student should be able to join the intermediate level.

Jackie Teaching Swahili Classes

Class 1

A review of the beginner course to orient the students and transition to a higher level. Topics to be reviewed include: history of the language, greetings, kitchen items, numbers, telling the time, days of the week, introducing oneself in Swahili

Class 2

The basic noun classes are covered, together with personal and possessive pronouns. Additional vocabulary is added with nouns and noun plurals, M-Wa and Ki-Vi. Personal and Possessive pronouns for M-Wa and Ki-Vi.

Homework: Write simple sentences using –angu,-le, mimi-sisi under M-Wa, Ki-Vi categories

Class 3

Group 2 noun classes, as well as an introduction to the verbs in the present, past, past particle and future tenses.

Review of week 2

  • Noun Plurals and pronouns
    • M-Mi
    • Ji-Ma
  • Verbs: Past present and future: Use of -na; -li; -me; -ta

Homework: Write sentences that use possessive, and tenses

Class 4

Practice of Swahili using Rosetta lessons. Listening to sounds, using pictures to remember nouns and present tense sentences.

Review of week 3

  • Noun Plurals of Ji-Ma
    • -angu-enu, -etu, -le (ule-wale; kile-vile) -na (and)

Homework: Write simple sentences that incorporate lesson 1, 2, 3 and 4

Class 5

Review of week 4

  • Noun Plurals of N
    • -angu-enu, -etu, mimi-sisi; wewe-nyinyi; -le (ule-wale;kile-vile) -na (and)
  • “Pure Swahili.” The students get to practice conversations through hearing conversations from Tanzanian recording

Class 6

Verb negations and sentence structure

  • Nina-sina; use of –si- in present tense; -ha; Use of –ha in past tense and future tense
  • Practice sentences

Homework: Make a dialogue conversation

Class 7

Review of the past weeks, a short quiz and a issuing of certificate of attendance. If possible do potluck.