The Swahili beginner class gives the introduction to the Swahili language. This class gives the clear basic conversations. At the end of seven modules, student should be able to join the intermediate level.

Bonfils Mada Teaching Swahili Beginner ClassClass 1

Greetings: Before progressing with the grammar the module will introduce some of the Swahili greetings.

Class 2

Nouns and simple sentences; students should develop clear pronunciation. Consonants combine with vowels and assume the vowel sound. This module clarifies the noun categories and classes. Vowels: A,E,I,O,U.

Class 3

Body Parts, counting and numbers. This module explains the singular and plural and introduces the noun classes: M-WA, Ki-Vi, G-MA, M-Mi, N.

Class 4

First and third person conversations, plural and singular. Tenses: Na-present, Li-past tense, Ta-future tense. First person (Ni-Tu) and second person (U-Mu).

Class 5

Kitchen items. Students will use the items found in the house in short sentences. Singular: Mtoto anakula na kijiko. Plural: Watoto Wanakula na Vijiko.

Class 6

Telling time and learning days of the week, months and years: students should be able to use them in the conversation. Students will learn the Swahili days of the week, based on the Mohammedan calendar with Friday as the important day.

Class 7

The last day of the beginner class: We will review all the six modules, followed by a quiz, program evaluation and maybe a Swahili song. Every student gets a certificate of attending the program (student must finish all modules to get the certificate of attendance).