Our ability to maintain and expand our teaching programs in low-income regions depends on our public engagement work in Canada. The incredible work of CNIS has brought forward generous support from Canadian Foundations, Government grants, Corporations, and Individual donors.

CNIS has formal partnerships with University departments of Surgery and Obstetrics across Canada, as well as the Canadian Association of General Surgeons (CAGS), and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC). CNIS is able to inspire others to support our surgical instructor courses, hosts public events and fundraisers, and support our participation in medical conferences and forums.

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Public engagement is used with the intention of informing Canadians about the importance of international surgery. Particularly, the ways in which the work of CNIS saves lives and creates lasting sustainable healthcare in the developing world. In Canada, medical help is a right that we take for granted. In sub-Saharan African countries, medical and surgical assistance is a luxury that millions cannot access. The concept of basic surgical care is increasingly understood as being part of the basic care to which all humans have a right. The overwhelming proportion surgical diseases borne by disadvantaged populations and vulnerable low-income regions of the world make the work of CNIS all the more pertinent.

The number of preventable deaths each year from common surgical problems where there is simply no access to even basic surgical care extends into the millions.

In drawing attention to these matters, Canadians are a in a better position to understand the importance of providing basic surgical skills to reduce the number of mothers dying, children suffering and those with untreated injuries. The work of CNIS significantly improves the maternal mortality rate, enables healthy children a chance to live, and those with injuries become more productive members of their communities.

To continue offering the critically importance work that enable local healthcare practitioners in low-income countries to save lives, CNIS needs your financial support.

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