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The African Injury DataBase, developed by CNIS, is a virtual filing cabinet of research pertaining to injury in Africa. This research tool assembles useful case reports, local studies and general reviews of injury situations particular to Africa.

Malawi 2008, Cast FootDatabase Background

One means of addressing the injury pandemic is to evaluate and research the problem. This online database provides participants with an easy-to-use and internationally available space to compile all scholarly work related to injury for all African countries. There is a multitude of research on injury in Africa, some of which is published in gray literature, i.e. journals that are not indexed, Master’s theses and PhD dissertations sitting in libraries or proceedings of conferences. Other information is indexed, but in journals that one would not readily considers as a source. Researchers post citations of journal articles, government reports, and other work to the database. Items are tagged according to WHO injury classifications (International Classification of Diseases) and the citations are edited and verified by volunteer editors.

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The Vision

The vision for this centralized collection of scholarly works will be to assist in producing reports wherein all the articles are systematically categorized and presented in a searchable database. The power of such information will allow African injury researchers to process data more effectively to help develop strategies and policies towards the improvement of African healthcare and awareness.

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Get Involved

  1. Participants all over the world can register for an account on this site. Choose one of the 53 African Union countries as a focal point or submit entries for any of them.
  2. Once registered, participants submit abstracts with appropriate links. Submissions are then reviewed in Vancouver for accuracy. Subsequently, they are posted.

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