1. Why can’t I process my credit card?
  2. I tried waiting 15 minutes to process but I am getting the same message?
  3. What if I get an error on CNIS Website before I get to PayPal?
  4. My American Express wont process?

 1.       We use a 3rd party processing system (PayPal) sometimes payments run smoothly sometimes it has minor issues, sometimes people can process their credit cards but sometimes they get refused. If you run into this issue please call the office or wait 15 minutes and try processing again sometimes PayPal has too much traffic we have noticed doing this 9 times out of 10 processing will go through the second time.

 2.       Please write down the error and call the office we will process your payment and inquire with PayPal why this issue has occurred.

3.       Now and then you will be given an error message on the CNIS Website; please write down the error and call us: Telephone 1.604.739.4708 or email the error message to: Email office@cnis.ca we will process your payment and correct the website issues. With your help we will prevent this from happening anytime in the future.

4.       We have had problems processing American Express through PayPal; if you too have this issue please call us and we will process your card through our administration panel.