$25 Course material for 5 students

$30 Supplies goat-feet from the local market: This allows students to practice their skills.

$50 Support a local course instructor to teach for the day: The key to our teaching model is training local medical professionals. We pay them a fee to assist in teaching the courses in partnership with our Canadian volunteers.

$75 Knot Tying Board: Medical students learn how to tie sutures –otherwise known as medical stitching. The knot tying boards with needle holders and a supple of sutures enables students to hone their skills in surgical procedures.

$100 Laceration repairs: Medical students need scalpels, needle holders, forceps and sutures to tend to a variety of serious wounds.

$120 Support a local instructor to supervise students performing 6 C-Sections as part of their training. This training enables students to practice the procedure with supervision and guidance.

$200 Provides instruments for C-Sections: C-Sections are necessary for maternal health complications in rural communities. The lack of instruments and skilled practice results in the death of countless women and their expecting babies.

$250 Enables a student at a Clinical Officers Training School to become trained in 2-year program) and become trained in the Fundamental Interventions, Referral and Safe Transfer (FIRST) course. The students have the opportunity to further develop their skills in determining the severity of health issues, how to assess and stabilize a patient’s condition, and the means by which to safely transfer the patient.

$500 Enables a student at an Assistant Medical Officers Training School to become trained in 3-year program in the Essential Surgical Skills (ESS) course to gain extensive training in obstetrical skills, including the ability to perform a C-Section, which are critically important for improving maternal health.

$800 Provide a mannequin to further develop the students’ practical skills for deliveries and pregnancy related complications

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