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Initial Release: 2009

Current Edition: 1st, 2009

Publisher: Canadian Network for International Surgery

Instructor's Guide (First Edition, 2009):

International organizations and national governments alike are increasingly aware of the need for adequate surgical service and for the prevention of injury. However, in the majority of communities throughout the world which are located in low-income regions, this surgical care either does not exist at all or is too meager to cope with the need. Such a challenge demands a response. International development in health presupposes that efforts aimed at responding to this challenge will focus on both enhanced care and sustainability.

This course includes the following presentations:
1. Current Surgical Reality in Low-Income Countries
2. Principles of International Surgery Development
3. Project Paper
4. Cross-Cutting Themes in International Development
5. About the CNIS
6. Project Paper or Perspectives of a Trainee

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