Initial Release: 2008

Publisher: Canadian Network for International Surgery

Instructors Manual (First Edition, 2008)

Shortage of trained personnel in many African countries means that often women can not get the care that they need during labour and delivery. This is a major factor in the high maternal mortality rate. Structured training of surgical skills will reinforce good surgical technique, and therefore help with significant health human resource challenges

  1. This course covers the following topics:
    Introduction to Cesarean Section Course
  2. Anatomy of the pelvis and lower abdomen
  3. Indications for Cesarean Section: A brief introduction
  4. Decision-making in obstetrics: understanding when to intervene
  5. Assisted vaginal Delivery: Vacuum
  6. Principles of Surgery
  7. Surgical technique for Cesarean Section
  8. Anesthesia for Cesarean Section
  9. Principles of Post-operative care
  10. Laboratory Practicum - Objectives, Equipment and Station Organization

Please be aware that this is a pre-release of the First Edition of our Structured Operative Obstetrics course book. While the content of this course is complete, there may be changes and updates prior to the official First Edition release, which will be completed later in 2008.

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