Initial Release: 2005

Publisher: Canadian Network for International Surgery

Instructors Manual (First Edition, 2005):

The Structured Hernia Repair Course Instructors Manual is part of the Canadian Network for International Surgery's surgical course and training manuals, using didactic material including lectures and interactive teaching sessions, progresses to surgical simulation, and then continues to clinical instruction with patients. The learner, under supervision of a specials surgeon, operates on patients in the operating room. Because of this structured approach, the learning experience of all participants is guaranteed, thus assuring consistent education and gender equality.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Structured Hernia Repair Courses
  2. Anatomy of the Groin
  3. Hernias of the Groin
  4. Preparation for Surgery
  5. Principles of Surgery
  6. Repair of Groin Hernias
  7. Local Anesthesia
  8. Assessments

Please note that at this time, the Structured Hernia Repair Course only has the Instructors Manual available. The Student Manual for this course will come at a later date.

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