Initial Release: 2004

Current Edition: 2nd, 2007

Publisher: Canadian Network for International Surgery

The primary purpose of the Instructors Course is to ensure that each specific university's department of surgery has a sufficient number of faculty members of are trained to conduct the ESS Instructors Course. The second purpose of the Instructors Course is to update previously qualified instructors on any new course developments.

Included in the manual are the following Lectures:
1. International and African perspectives on Surgical Curriculum Reform
2. The use of Simulation in Surgical Skills Education
3. Review of Student Assessment
4. Introduction to the ESS Provider's Course
5. The ESS Provider's Course Planning and Implementation

Please note that the ESS Course Instructors Manual is only available in the First Edition (2004).

Also be aware that the Provider's Manual Set is comprised of two course books, updated to a 2007 Edition:
1. ESS Providers Handbook
2. ESS Surgical Skills Course Manual

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