Obtain a CNIS Course License For your Organization

CNIS courses are available for other organizations to use subject to purchase of a location-specific Licensing Agreement (LA). An accompanying Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) specifies where and how a course can be taught. Within the context of the MOU, course material is translated if needed, equipment is procured, an on-site instructors course is taught by senior CNIS instructors, and then together with the newly certified instructors CNIS conducts one or two providers courses. For the next two to three years the licensee continues teaching providers courses. The only expectation is a report concerning course implementation, number of participants and lessons learned. Upon termination of the Licensing Agreement (LA), typically in two or three years, the LA may be renewed and the cycle begins with CNIS conducting another instructors course.

For further information contact CNIS at office@cnis.ca

Current licensees are:

  • Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (2019-2022)


Licensing Testimonial



Great team work! Enjoyed working with CNIS founders!

Dr. Dipak Delvadia