The Scalpels of  Donor Recognition Program is an exciting opportunity for you to get involved in our life-saving work in Africa.



Supporters 2016


Diamond Scalpel :   Annual contributions of $8000 and over



McGill Office of Global Surgery



Platinum Scalpel  :   Annual contributions of $5000 and overplati

Dr. Mary Wells

Dr William G. Pollett

Mrs . Ann McMillan

St. Thomas Anglican Church

Gold Scalpel :    Annual contributions of $2000 and over


Dr. Ronald R. Lett

Dr. Jan Christilaw

Dr. Sam Bugis

White Rock Rotary Club

Dr. Wylam Fraught

James A. Campbell

Silver Scalpel :  Annual contributions of $1000 and over

Dr. Christine Bloch


Hassan Shennasa

Kim Lefevre

Dr. John Crowley

Teresa Hwang

Dr. Leo Lou

Dr. Alan Richardson

George Nakashima

Bruce & Marcia Beley

Bronze Scalpel :    Annual contributions of $500 and over


Martin Reedyk

Robert Fairfull Smith

Norm Brenner

Max Voets Coffie roasting LTD


Blue Scalpel :   Annual contributions of up to $500



[one_half] Audrey Lett
Margaret Goddard
Russell Kernaghan
Gordon L Pearcy
Gary O’Connor
Jennifer Ryan
Ronald & Patricia Wickens
Moya Wagner
Robert Gillan & MaryEllen Gillan
Erica Button
Bryan J Wells
Erica Button
Duncan Etches
Angela Enright
Lorne Braun
Jennifer Nicholson
Erin Cote
Dumitrina Schiman
Benjamin Rensburg
Ryan Falk
Dr Tito Daodu
Gerald Lubbe
Josette Hunter
Gabriel Yiu
Amanda Moore
James Quigg
Dr Jaelene M Mannerfeldt
Lynette Freisinger
Crowne Rock Holdings Ltd.
Bill & Pat Kirby
Glenn Scheske
Wilf Lunde
Dirk Sigalet
David Blencowe
RLN Medical Services Inc.
Dr. Stacey Butters
Wayne&Virginia Chung
Laura J.Keis
Nancy&Ben Chow
Simon Chung
Janet Williams