Maximizing Obstetrical and Surgical Training

CNIS is actively developing its courses into digital apps for phones and tablets. 


Women in Africa are 10 times more likely to die in childbirth than women in the Americas. 13% of Africans will die from an injury. Our goal is to reduce the maternal and injury mortality rates for people in Africa, where there are simply not enough skilled healthcare workers.


The Maximizing Obstetrical and Surgical Training (MOST) project uses mobile surgical skills training to accelerate the number of healthcare workers that can be taught essential surgical skills. Unlike existing face-to-face courses which are taught by visiting doctors to a limited group, MOST will enable skill sharing in the community long after visiting teams have left.


Over the past 20 years, CNIS has trained 150 Canadian medical professionals, 750 African course instructors and 25,000 African healthcare workers. With Project MOST, we will accelerate this by a factor of 10. With 5 mobile courses, we will train 25,000 African healthcare workers in the next 3 years and treat 2 Million patients.

KTS - Kampala Trauma Score App for Android

CNIS is proud to announce we have released the first of the MOST applications, the KTS Calculator. Kampala Trauma Score measures injury severity. The KTS app includes a KTS calculator and learning aid.

The KTS app is an individual learning tool that will also be available in the larger MOST TBSI application that will be released later this year.

Kampala Trauma Score is a simplification of the more complex TRISS. They both measure overall injury severity through 5 domains. The domains include information on age, blood pressure, respiration, neurological status, and an injury score. The TRISS requires sophisticated technical measurements while the KTS can be determined by front line health professionals in under resourced or rural centers. KTS is scored out of 10. Its ability to predict mortality in trauma patients including burn patients in both adults and children has been validated.

Structured Operative Obstetric

MOST SOO - Structured Operative Obstetrics 

Also part of the MOST project to convert CNIS courses into educational applications, we have the Structured Operative Obstetrics course rapidly being developed.

Similar to the TBSI couse, this is a fully featured app that will include tutorials, case studies, questions to test your knowledge, guides for practical lab setup learning and useful tools apps.

Tools in development for the CNIS MOST SOO app include:

  • Partogram tool (record patient data and plot on a digital partogram).
  • Referral Notes
  • Risk Assessment


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CNIS is aiming to convert all of our practical courses into digital form. Developing apps of this quality and content rich is costly! Please consider sponsoring the development. Contact CNIS to discuss.