Dr. Wylam Faught teaches Essential Surgical Skills in Moshi, Tanzania in 2011. Photo © R. Fairfull-Smith

Professional Clinical volunteers:

CNIS has over 40 surgeons, obstetricians and perioperative nursing instructors from all across Canada who volunteer their time, developing course material and collaborating with our partners in low-income countries to implement course material. Our Canadian professionals first take an Instructor’s course in Canada which certifies them to teach others abroad.

Rather than performing operations, our Canadian volunteers teach surgical skills to African healthcare students, providing them with practical skills that will save lives in their communities. We build capacity in the healthcare system with the intention of eliminating the need for us to be involved in future training – our programs create self-sufficiency – we train the future trainers.

CNIS high school volunteers help prepare obstetrics model parts at the CNIS office, summer 2011. Photo © CNIS


Non-clinical volunteers

CNIS is assisted by nearly 300 non-clinical volunteers who bring other areas of expertise to our organization –including but not limited to web programming, marketing expertise and Google analytics, fundraising awareness and data entry, editing program manuals, teaching Swahili lessons, sewing together simulation models which often entails sewing various fabrics, foams and fibers by machine, and even using traditional thimbles and needles to sew sections by hand.


We have a committed cadre of local volunteers who come to the CNIS office with such passion and dedication to making a difference in the lives of those in sub-Saharan Africa. Last year, CNIS non-clinical volunteers alone committed more than 7400 hours for our organization. Incredible!

We appreciate each and every one of our volunteers, and we thank you for all you have done to keep the vision of CNIS going strong.


CNIS volunteers are an integral part of our life-saving teaching initiatives; having a positive impact on the lives of millions of people living in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our volunteers range from professional clinical volunteers teaching overseas, editing course curriculum and program manuals, to local non-clinical volunteers helping program our web site and social media, sewing surgical simulators, or raising funds and public awareness throughout the community.

All volunteers at CNIS play an integral role in the CNIS philosophy – sharing skills and saving lives.


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.