CNIS is the world’s largest organization for international surgery. We believe in the value of human life and that all humans can be cared for if we work together. We work in the following areas in order to achieve this goal:

INJURY PREVENTION: Injury is globally responsible for more deaths than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. 13% of deaths in Africa result from injury. The CNIS Safer Surgery and Obstetrics Program and Safer Communities in Africa Program teach life-saving courses to African health practitioners, offering sustainable solutions to this global pandemic.

PREVENTING MATERNAL DEATHS: Still today, approximately one in twenty women in Sub Saharan Africa will die a maternal death. The CNIS Structured Operative Obstetrics course aims to not only diminish their suffering, but also prevent HIV transfer from mother to baby, as well as preventing fistulas and other related ailments.

TEACHING TEACHERS: Our courses are taught by volunteer Canadian surgeons, obstetricians and nurse instructors. CNIS works by training the trainers: teaching African surgeons, who then teach African medical clinicians and trainees.

DIRECT HELP: Over 90% of your contribution is spent on our teaching programs. CNIS administrative fees are minimal. We are a registered charity and your donation to CNIS is matched by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

CNIS has trained almost 20,000 surgeons and medical students, offering them valuable skills to help millions of Africans each year.