Dr. Lett presents Honorary Life Member award to Olive Kobusingye

Dr. Lett presents Honorary Life Member award to Olive Kobusingye


Lorne Braun

staff_-_lorne_braunLife Member

Lorne is an International Development Consultant, currently working on contract with CNIS as a Program Associate. His responsibilities include drafting documents and proposals, fulfilling reporting requirements for agreements that CNIS has with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, the Donner Canadian Foundation, among others.



Mensur Osman Yassin

Dr. Mensur Osman Yassin

Life Member since 2009

Dr. Mensur Osman Yassin was awarded Honorary Lifetime membership for his long-time contributions to CNIS, as head of the Department of Surgery at Gondar University, Department Dean, as well as ESS Patron from 2002 until 2009.





Jonathan Meakins

Jonathan Meakins

Life Member since 2002

As Head of Surgery at McGill University, Jonathan Meakins support with the founding of CNIS was critical to our early survival and success. His contributions included encouragement of McGill surgeons to work with CNIS and also the contribution of discretionary funds to CNIS training activities in Africa. At the time of his appointment, he was Head of Surgery at Oxford University.





 Olive Kobusingye

Dr. Olive Kobusingye

Life Member since 2000

Olive started with CNIS at its founding meeting in Ottawa in 1995. She established a trauma registry in Uganda, which became the basis for the establishment of the Injury Control Center - Uganda (ICC-U). She was the first Director of ICC-U and has published important scientific work on injury in Africa.

Dr Kobusingye together with Dr. Lett co-founded the Injury Control Center Uganda and coauthored the first editions of the Trauma Team Training Course.



 Joan Jamieson

Joan Jamieson

Life Member since 1999

As the only person to become both an Honorary Life Member and a Volunteer of the Year with CNIS, Joan Jamieson was made an Honorary Life member for her work with the Library Project. She also served on the Board of CNIS and was Volunteer Treasurer for many years. Her support in the early years of CNIS was instrumental in our future success.





 Joan VanDuzer

Life Member - Joan VanDuzer

Life Member since 1999

Joan VanDuzer was one of the three Founding Directors of CNIS, and her untiring efforts in the early years were crucial to our foundation. She served as CNIS Board Chair from 1997 to 1999 and filled the role of Executive Secretary for CNIS. She has since supported CNIS through the Harbinger Foundation of Toronto, Ontario.





 Peter McLean

Life Member - Peter McLean

Life Member since 1998

Retired McGill surgeon Peter McLean was a Founding Director of CNIS, the Board Chair in 1997 and also held the positions of Executive Secretary and Vice President, when he attended CIDA meetings in Ottawa on behalf of CNIS. He worked in Ethiopia as part of the Surgical Amendment to the McGill University Ethiopia Community Health Project, teaching Essential Surgical Skills(ESS©) on several occasions and distributed of a container of surgical booksfor CNIS in Ethiopia in 2006.




Philip Hassen

Life Member - Philip Hassen

Life Member







Elizabeth Schaefer

Life Member - Elizabeth Schaefer

Life Member