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After hearing about the Injury Control Center-Uganda, Tanzania invited CNIS to initiate the Injury Control Center – Tanzania (ICC-T). Through a community-based study, the Tanzanians were well aware that an injury pandemic was a serious issue in the country.

The History


Dr. Respicious Boniface, the ICC-T director teaches First-Aid in rural Tanzania 2008. Photo © R. Lett

The Injury Control Centre – Tanzania (ICC-T) in Dar es Salaam, has been a legal entity since January 2008. Under the direction of Dr. Respicious Boniface and the Chairmanship of Dr. Lawrence Museru, the new centre has been very active. Injury surveillance is under way in three hospitals, two rural and one urban: Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute, Mkuranga District Hospital, and Iringa Regional Hospital.


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The Impact

Urban surveillance by ICC-T has demonstrated gender-based violencetraffic injuriesfalls, and occupational injuries as priorities for the center. CNIS will be supporting the ICC-T Director in graduate training in epidemiology to increase the scientific capacity of the unit.

With the assistance of Tanzania Red Cross facilitators, ICC-T has conducted first-aid courses for schoolteachers, as well as Trauma Team Training courses (TTT) for various medical professionals in rural hospitals. Instruction in this area is expected to equip the participants with substantial knowledge and skills in managing trauma patients. Police officers are also given basic trauma training by ICC-T, as they are often the first ones to arrive at scenes of injury. The Trauma Team is looking forward to organizing similar courses in ‘high risk’ towns in different regions.

The distribution of book shipment to Tanzania in 2008. Photo © R. Lett

In the spring of 2009 half a million dollars worth of medical and surgical books were donated from the Sabre Foundation and shipped to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Dr. Respicious Boniface oversaw the sorting and distribution of the 7719 volumes to 10 surgical libraries across the country.


The ICC-T is presently producing a scientific paper on injury priorities in Dar es Salaam. The priorities are traffic injuries, falls from coconut trees, and domestic violence. A three-year strategic plan is being completed and a financial audit has been initiated.

ICC-T is on the Injury Prevention Initiative for Africa (IPIFA) Steering Committee, representing East Africa.

The ICC-T Director is Dr. Respicious Boniface, with Dr. Victoria Munthali as Co-Director, and Dr. Lawrence Museru as Chair. ICC-T and CNIS course activities in Dar es Salaam are supported by Dr. Tarek Razek, Director of the Trauma Program at McGill University Health Centre in Montreal.

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ICC-T Directors

Dar es Salaam – Injury Control Centre (ICCT)
Dr. Lawrence Museru
Board Chair
Dr. Museru
Dr. Respicious Boniface
Executive Director
Dr. Boniface
Dr. Victoria Munthali
Dr. Victoria Munthali
Edith Joseph

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