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Among those organizations working in sub-Saharan Africa, there are only a few that have such a profound impact as CNIS.

Our organization saves lives and creates lasting sustainable healthcare in rural communities. As impressive as our results are, there are thousands of healthcare professionals desperate to learn the lifesaving skills that our Canadian doctors and our courses offer. These local doctors are the ones struggling to assist mothers who are dying, children who are suffering and those with untreated injuries. All that is required are some basic surgical skills and suddenly the mortality rate is significantly improved, healthy children abound, and those with injuries can now become more productive members of their communities.

To continue offering these critically important courses that transfer the surgical skills to the local healthcare practitioners, CNIS needs your financial support. Make a difference in the world by supporting CNIS with an online donation. 100% of your donation will directly support programs to build healthcare capacity in sub-Saharan Africa.

Please donate today.

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“Thank you for investing in a healthier future for people who want nothing more than to realize their potential and that of their communities in sub-Saharan Africa”


Charitable Receipt Number: 89896-1552 RR 0001
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Canadian Network for International Surgery

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For any inqueries related to donations, please contact us at or 1.604.739.4708